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Our creative team of in-house game designers and developers created UAE Online Casino, and it was also created or licensed by third-party service providers. UAE Online Casino benefits from this in terms of both operational flexibility and financial gain. To further set itself apart from the competition, UAE Online Casino continues to invest in the creation of original games and content.

The UAE Online Casino Team

UAE Online Casino is a multicultural corporation that upholds the motto “work hard, play hard.” We employ more than 400 people who are spread all over the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leading social casino website uaeonlinecasino.com. In addition to our Gold Coin games, we now provide a special sweepstakes model that enables players in the US and Canada to exchange Sweeps Coins for cash rewards in a secure manner.

Who Is UAE Online Casino?

UAE Online Casino Malta Limited, a member of the UAE Online Casino Group, owns and runs UAE Online Casino, a social casino.

UAE Online Casino wants to be the world’s top social casino, providing pleasure and excitement to enthusiasts of social casinos everywhere. We are first concentrating on the US, “the home of casinos,” and Canada, but we plan to quickly grow internationally to make UAE Online Casino truly international!

Is UAE Online Casino The Sole Provider Of Social Gaming With Sweepstakes Prizes?

No, there is nothing new for gaming firms to provide sweepstakes with rewards. Many businesses have offered and continue to provide contests with rewards.

What Exactly Are “Sweepstakes”?

Sweepstakes are commercial campaigns that have been used for years to advertise a company’s products or services.

To enter the uaeonlinecasino.com sweepstakes, no purchase is necessary.

How Does UAE Online Casino Use Sweepstakes?

Sweeps Coins have no intrinsic value and cannot ever be acquired. Sweeps Coins are always available to players for free through a variety of means, such as through mailing in requests or as a promotion bonus with certain Gold Coin purchases.

Will My Account Be Restricted Until My Identity Has Been Verified? Do I Need To Pass A Know Your Customer (KYC) Identity Verification Process?

Collection Of Information About Identity

Positive client identification is necessary for UAE Online Casino. Before you acquire any Gold Coins, the first stage in KYC procedure entails obtaining from you certain personally identifying information (such as your name, date of birth, and residence address).

Identity Verification

UAE Online Casino may be required to independently verify the accuracy of the information after it has been gathered in order to comply with any relevant laws and in keeping with our commitment to responsible gaming. When we need to confirm your identification, you will be informed in your online account.

Verification Of Account Ownership

UAE Online Casino must confirm that the account into which any cash prize will be sent is in your name before you may exchange any Sweeps Coins for cash rewards. No awards may be deposited into accounts, not in your name.

What Paperwork Must I Submit As A Part Of The Verification Process?

Verification Of Identity

Submission of one of the following papers, which are often required to be granted by the government, will allow us to verify your identification (containing your name, date of birth, and residence address):

  • driving permit;
  • ID card, or
  • identity document

The uploaded document has to be current. You could be asked to upload a picture or a real-time selfie image of yourself via our dedicated site in order to confirm that the identity document presented is legitimate.
You can additionally be required to provide one of the following papers as verification of your residence address if your identity certificate does not show it:

  • financial statement;
  • or a utility bill
  • an official letter from the government.

Your name, residence address, and date of issuance that is no older than six months must all be included on this document.

Verification Of Account Ownership

We will require a copy of a bank statement (dated within the past 6 months) linked to that account in your name in order to prove that you are the owner of the bank account into which you would like any redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes sent.

How Long Does It Take To Verify My Documents?

We will check the necessary papers as soon as we get them in the proper format. Whether you have supplied us the appropriate form of identification or proof of account ownership will determine how the procedure goes. If everything is accurate, the account verification procedure typically takes 5 days to complete. It typically takes around 10 days for your cash award to be processed and reach your account after your account has been validated.

Additional Verification

In accordance with the UAE Online Casino Terms and Conditions, we retain the right to ask for any extra paperwork and/or data that we believe necessary to meet our legal duties, such as proof of your identification, account ownership, wealth, or financial resources.

How Random Are The Spins Used In UAE Online Casino Slots Games?

UAE Online Casino uses a Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator (RNG) with background cycling. Its usage of a well-known technique to generate random numbers was approved by iTechLabs and Gaming Associates. The “diehard” tests for statistical randomness developed by Marsaglia were passed by the numbers produced by this RNG. According to research by iTech Labs and Gaming Associates, number sequences are random, non-repeatable, and evenly dispersed.

What Problem Is The Project Meant To Solve?

  • Look for a game to play in the casino.
  • Learn about the games without spending any money.

Who Helped Create UAE Online Casino?

Three individuals established the project. The project was conceived by the founder, who also developed the logo, sketched out the website’s layout, and painted his vision. and then got involved in its internet development and promotion.

On a website, a programmer transformed designs and concepts into code. Additionally, a content manager who gathered all the data on the slot machine game created a collection and collaborated with those in charge of writing game descriptions.

When Did The Initiative Begin To Generate Its First Revenue?

When did the initiative begin to generate its first revenue?

Early in the spring of 2016, perhaps six to seven months after the site went up, the first commissions started to come in.

When Did You Start Hiring The First Employees?

There was a core staff of three people. We then quickly employed freelancers, most reviewers, and translators.

When Did The First UAE Online Casino Regional Versions Appear?

Approximately in the late summer of 2016, one year after the project’s inception, the first language versions started to surface.

What Does The UAE Online Casino Team Look Like? Who Is Involved In The Project?

The UAE Online Casino team is always developing and expanding:

  • webmasters
  • freelancers with a variety of specialties
  • researchers
  • manager of partnerships
  • designers
  • web designers
  • and further experts.

How Have The Goals Of The Project Changed?

The initial objective was to gather every slot machine. Eventually, when the audience’s request shifted from “what to play” to “where to play,” we started to create a section featuring online casino brands. Now that we have made the decision to include additional game genres than only slots, we have added games like roulette, blackjack, and others to the library.

What Is The UAE Online Casino Goal Now?

Become one of the biggest casino websites and provide players with as much information as you can.

Were There Any Awards Given To The Project? What Is The Recognition Of The Project Among The Industry? What Is The Reputation Of The Project?

The iGB Awards 2018 recognized UAE Online Casino.com as the Best Affiliate Newcomer. In terms of appearance and content, certain other websites often contrast and align with UAE Online Casino. The project’s trustworthy and accurate information regarding online casinos and games is one of its key components.

What Are/Were The Project Partners?

There were plenty of others, including 888, LeoVegas, Casumo, and Playamo. In order to provide us with clear and comprehensive slot evaluations, some game creators contribute their opinions or marketing materials.

Also, albeit a very long time ago, media collaborations were developed. However, new ones may always be started!

What Should A Visitor Do Next On The Site Once He Has Read This “About Us” Page?

If a new player wants to attempt casino games, either present a list of the most well-liked games or links to other game categories so he may go, choose a game, and test.

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