Terms and Conditions

The rules and guidelines below should be carefully studied. You fully agree and acknowledge that all of the following terms and conditions apply by signing up as a UAE Online Casino member and making bets in the casino.

  1. The player is hereby granted a personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable sublicense by UAE Online Casino to use the software for casino gaming.
  2. Only those of legal age who reside in countries where using UAE Online Casino and its games is not illegal are permitted to access the site. Anywhere that is against the law, all UAE Online Casino games are void. Playing by children is definitely prohibited.
  3. Since the UAE Online Casino accepts real money deposits and withdrawals, both earnings and losses are reflected in actual cash. Players can log into their accounts in fun mode if they merely want to play the games for fun.
  4. UAE Online Casino constantly keeps an eye on all casino games. UAE Online Casino is able to keep track of and evaluate each hand, roll, slot draw, and spin for each player and game it offers.
  5. The current position and the outcomes of the previous game should be shown when the player restarts any game that has been paused and/or disconnected at any moment. The player will be able to resume and finish that game just as if they had never left, even if they lose connection to the casino’s server in the middle of it. If the player’s wager was not received by the casino server, their balance would not have been affected, and they would still be able to check the outcome of their prior wager.
  6. UAE Online Casino goes above and above to protect all of its patrons. UAE Online Casino cannot, however, prevent all unanticipated circumstances. In the case that there is a break in communication between the player and the casino for any reason, UAE Online Casino will not be held responsible for any losses that may ensue. A player’s account balance must always match the information found on the games server for UAE Online Casino.
  7. Within one (1) hour of the disputed event, all disputes must be emailed to UAE Online Casino.
  8. Players agree to abide by the following rules by using the UAE Online Casino: Players are required to indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors, employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, or other agencies, media partners, agents, and retailers from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages of any kind that may result from a player’s;
    • Entry into, use of, or reuse of the Website; 
    • Use of any Materials on the Website; 
    • Entry into, use of, or reuse of the Casino Server; 
    • Participation in the Game; 
    • Acceptance of any Prize
  9. Each member is limited to one active account. Players with just ONE account will be given their winnings. Any prizes accrued by players who have multiple active accounts will be null and void. Unless otherwise specified, UAE Online Casino only permits ONE account per computer, household, and IP address.
  10. UAE Online Casino shall not be held accountable for any claims that may originate from or relate to a member’s account should that member give away, share, or forget his account number and/or password. Members should maintain absolute confidentiality about their account details as they are entirely accountable for the transactions on their accounts.
  11. All members’ identities and information will be kept private. The past wagering activity of any member will not be disclosed by UAE Online Casino.
  12. Any taxes that may be due on any wins or awards received from UAE Online Casino are the exclusive responsibility of the players.
  13. Except where prohibited by law, players agree to the use of their name and image for advertising and promotional purposes without further payment by accepting any wins or awards from UAE Online Casino.
  14. A member may only play under their own name. Participants are not permitted to act as a beneficial owner’s agent. In the event that verification cannot be performed, payout will be halted.
  15. If feasible, payments are always returned to the processor through which deposits were made. Which withdrawal method clients choose to receive their cash will ultimately be decided by UAE Online Casino. Only accounts that the member controls and owns are eligible for payouts.
  16. Members may be compelled to disclose their financial and wealth sources. If the deposit(s) have not been rolled over at least once, members are not permitted to withdraw funds from an account.
  17. UAE Online Casino maintains the right to refuse play and/or payment to anybody it believes to be engaging in fraud. UAE Online Casino has the right to charge any account for services provided to a fake account with service fees. Before making a withdrawal at UAE Online Casino, any deposit must be wagered at least once. Otherwise, regulation number 18 from above may be enforced.
  18. UAE Online Casino retains the right to immediately and without prior warning terminate a player’s membership. Your personal account will be instantly credited with any remaining amount. Additionally, under any of the following conditions, UAE Online Casino has the discretionary right to invalidate any wins and withhold any balance in a player’s Casino account.
    • In the event that there is proof that a player has several active accounts with the casino.
    • When a player’s name on their casino account does not match the name on the credit card(s) they used to make purchases. 
    • In the event that the beneficial owner of the financial instrument used to make the deposit and the name on the player’s casino account do not coincide.
    • If a player engages in a casino offer and cashes out prior to completing the conditions of that specific promotion.
    • If a player’s registration information is inaccurate or deceptive. 
    • If a player lives in a country where playing the Game is illegal.
    • If a player let someone else to use his casino account (either purposefully or unwittingly).
    • If a player has not simply played for fun at the casino (i.e., has played professionally or with other players as part of a group, club, etc.).
    • If a player has reversed or charged back any of his transactions in his casino account.
    • If UAE Online Casino determines that a player has employed a system or device, such as an extra computer, additional software, or another device, and the player is discovered to be cheating. Any system used to interfere with our systems’ inherent randomness as well as any system used to gather data from or send it to the gaming server for analysis when real money is being wagered.
    • If a player cannot prove the identity of an active account
  1. To prevent misunderstandings later on, customers are advised to print a copy of all transaction information, regulations, payment options, and cancellation/refund procedures.
  2. UAE Online Casino retains the right to choose the final transaction methods. On a case-by-case basis, UAE Online Casino may determine what counts as a qualifying transaction. The participants understand that they may never assert an entitlement.
  3. UAE Online Casino has the right, in its sole discretion, to change or discontinue any rules or promotions.
  4. India, Greece, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Portugal, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Thailand accounts are excluded from bonus redemption upon account creation.
  5. The UAE Online Casino employees and the Service will not accept any abusive, insulting, or misleading language. Any violation of this policy may result in the suspension of playing rights or other necessary measures taken by the casino to guarantee compliance.

Promotional Terms And Conditions:

  1. There may be only one bonus amount per customer, account, household, shared computer, and shared IP address.
  2. New account bonuses are added to a player’s first deposit into his UAE Online Casino account.
  3. UAE Online Casino has the right to ask for further proof and/or to withhold bonus money.
  4. Unless otherwise mentioned, the minimum bonus sum for our deposit coupon codes is $20 and the maximum bonus amount is $100. The discount codes are only good for a single deposit (unless otherwise stated). It is not possible to retrospectively credit any customer’s account with the discount code; it must be entered prior to making a deposit.
  5. No deposit bonuses must be used within a month of being received. Up to a month after our birthdays are allowed for birthday bonuses.
  6. You get 1 Comp Point (100 Points = $1) for every $10 you stake on any game. (With the exception of the Game of the Month, when you may double your comps for only $5 in bets.) Comp Points must be redeemed in increments of 100. The player’s VIP group determines how many comp points VIP clients get for each bet.
  7. Violations of the aforementioned terms and conditions will be considered promotion abuse, and UAE Online Casino management will have the power to take the following measures against such violators: All balances and withdrawals are deemed to be invalid. Abuse of player accounts may result in instant account termination. Players who are caught misusing promotions may not be eligible for future casino promos.
  8. The maximum bet for all bonuses is $10. Any profits, including bonuses, resulting from such bets are invalid.
  9. Customers are not permitted to utilize consecutively numerous free bonuses or free spins offers: The administration retains the right to cancel any bonuses and wins when a client utilizes two or more free bonuses without making a deposit of real money in between.
  10. Players whose accounts presently include one or more outstanding withdrawals are not eligible to earn any incentives, promotional or otherwise, until the withdrawals are completed or canceled. The casino has the right to revoke a player’s winnings if they violate this policy.
  11. Terms of the Instant Cashback Promotion. Every broken deposit of at least $1 that was made WITHOUT the use of a deposit incentive is eligible for a 25% (40% for VIPs) refund claim from the player through our customer care staff. The cashback promotion requires a 10x playthrough (wagers vary on different games). To get the cash back, the balance must be less than $1. Players have the option to collect cashback after many deposits; they are not required to do so after each deposit. On busted deposits that were made up to three months previous to the day the payback is sought, a refund may be collected.

Slot Tournament T&CS:

  1. Your Real Money account balance will be used to pay for tournament buy-ins, add-ons, or re-buys. In slot tournaments, bonuses cannot be utilized as buy-ins, add-ons, or re-buys.
  2. The terms and conditions of the UAE Online Casino Bonus apply to the buy-ins, add-ons, and re-buys for slot tournaments. Let’s say you sign up for a tournament using the playable balance you earned via a no-deposit offer. In such a situation, any tournament wins will be subject to the maximum withdrawal amount of five times the bonus (or maximum cash-out).
  3. In the event that a slot tournament is canceled, the Buy-In will be returned to the player account.
  4. For a few Tournaments, Add-ons and Re-Buys are available. Values, prices, and rake are all subject to change and are chosen by UAE Online Casino. Each tournament has a different set of possible Add-Ons and Re-Buys.
  5. Customers who haven’t made any deposits may only cash out their winnings from a tournament once.

Lobby Jackpots

  1. Customers must explicitly opt-in to the casino Lobby Jackpot by logging in. Additionally, players have the option to stop contributing to the Lobby Jackpot at any time.
  2. Enrolled players have a chance to win the whole jackpot sum since every spin of any slot game requires a 0.01 wager, which is required.
  3. The Lobby Jackpot cannot be boosted with free bonuses. The maximum withdrawable amount of a free bonus will apply to lobby jackpots won when playing with a balance earned from that bonus.
  4. Jackpot awards from the lobby come in the form of a real money balance with no wagering requirements.
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