Responsible Social Gameplay (RSG) Policy

As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service and practicing social responsibility, UAE Online Casino is dedicated to protecting our players and encouraging responsible social gaming.

We fully support responsible social gaming and have put measures in place to help players who wish to control their play. We reserve the right to activate these measures unilaterally if, in our sole discretion, we consider them necessary. This will help to ensure that you continue to enjoy the safe and manageable play.

1. Introduction

The terms and conditions for using UAE Online Casino include a clause stating that responsible social gameplay needs to be followed. The RSG policy may be updated on occasion, and UAE Online Casino will let players know if there are any changes.

2. UAE Online Casinos RSG Program

  1. The UAE Online Casino RSG program is based on our guiding principles of giving our clients the instruments, data, and resources they require to:
    1. Make wise choices and
    2. Eliminate problematic gameplay.
  2. The RSG program from UAE Online Casino is made to cater to the demands of people at any point in the customer experience, from sign-up through redemption, and at any risk level during gameplay. UAE Online Casino’s RSG program provides a variety of player resources, control tools, and professional assistance in order to achieve this.
  3. UAE Online Casino focuses on offering the tools and informing, educating, and supporting educated decisions rather than providing advice or policing our customers’ behavior.
  4. The knowledgeable staff at UAE Online Casino is ready to help you and is encouraged and given the authority to offer information and resources proactively.

3. RSG Play Control Tools

  1. Activity Reminders – Located in Account Settings
    1. Every hour, UAE Online Casino offers an Activity Reminder to help you with your game.
    2. The Reminder for the Activity
      1. Freezes the game and displays the time remaining;
      2. Shows the games you’ve played since logging in; and
      3. Allows you to either stop playing or keep playing
  1. Account Settings provide access to the account history.
    1. Gameplay History
      1. Displays the outcome of each spin or hand over a two-week period.
    2. Purchase & Prize History
      1. Displays a two-week history of your daily claims, purchases, and redemptions.
  2. Limits – Accessible using the “Contact” form on the platform’s “Responsible Social Gameplay choices” section.
    1. Purchase Limit
      1. Gives you a choice to set a purchasing limit for the duration of the time you specify. It won’t be allowed to make any further purchases after the limit has been reached until the limit resets.
      2. Daily, weekly, or monthly time periods are available.
      3. The limit may be changed or eliminated as necessary. A limit value reduction will take effect immediately, whereas a limit value raise or removal will take effect after a seventy-two (72) hour cooling off period.
  3. Playthrough Limit
    1. Allows you to specify the maximum number of sweepstakes coins you can wager regardless of the outcome of the game round for the duration of your choice. It won’t be able to play again until the limit resets after the limit is met.
    2. Choose from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly as your period.
    3. The limit may be changed or eliminated as necessary. A limit value reduction will take effect immediately, whereas a limit value raise or removal will take effect after a seventy-two (72) hour cooling off period.
  4. Daily Time Limit
    1. Allows you to specify, up to a maximum of 10 hours each day, how long you should be logged into your account. You will be locked out till the next day after the limit has been reached.
    2. The limit may be changed or eliminated as necessary. A reduction in the limit value will take effect right away, and an increase in the limit value or removal of the restriction will take effect after a seventy-two (72) hour cooling off period.

4. RSG Access Control Tools

  1. Accessible through the “Contact” form on the platform under the “Responsible Social Gameplay choices” section is Taking a Break.
    1. Enables a little break from gaming, during which you won’t be able to log in to your account.
      1. Options include 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days.
      2. Reactivating your account won’t be available till the selected period has passed.
  2. Self-Exclusion is available on the platform’s “Contact” form under the “Responsible Social Gameplay choices” section.
    1. A self-exclusion enables you to suspend your account for a longer amount of time if gaming has a bad influence on your mental health, finances, or relationships with friends and family, or if you are losing control of your gaming. You won’t be able to access your account at this time.
      1. Six months, a year, three years, five years, and indefinite terms are all available.
      2. The balance of any cleared sweepstakes coins that remain will be redeemed.
      3. Any marketing communications will no longer be sent to you.
      4. Before the selected term expires, your account cannot be reactivated.
      5. A minimum of six (6) months must have passed in cases where an indefinite self-exclusion is in place before the account can be reactivated.
      6. Upon the expiration of the selected period, the account will automatically react.
      7. A seven (7) day cooling off period will apply before the account is reactivated where an indefinite self-exclusion is in place.
  3. Permanent Closure – Please get in touch with customer service
    1. You have the option to terminate your account permanently. Send a written email request for a “Permanent Account Closure” to Customer Support using this form if you would like to do so. Be sure to include a justification for the closure. Please be aware that a permanent closure is irreversible and cannot ever be reactivated, in contrast to an indeterminate self-exclusion.

5. Self-Assessment

  1. Consider using the self-assessment questions provided here if you believe that someone else’s computer gaming is starting to cause problems.

6. Support Organizations

  1. We recommend contacting the following assistance and support groups if gaming has had a negative influence on your emotional well-being, finances, or relationships with friends and family:
    1. Counseling
      1. Gaming Addicts Anonymous (GAA), a group of individuals who help one another overcome the issues brought on by excessive gaming.
    2. Credit Counseling
      1. Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA), a professional organization of debt management companies that offer debt management plans to help people pay off unsecured debts as well as financial counseling services of all kinds to consumers.
      2. National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), NFCC, one of the first networks of nonprofit financial counseling organizations, is here to help you get rid of your debt and face the future with assurance.
  2. Please be aware that these groups are independent support services and have NO association with UAE Online Casino. They DO NOT offer dispute resolution or customer assistance. You can get in touch with us using this form if you want to talk about anything or have a problem with your account.

Education Information On Responsible Social Gameplay

  1. Principle of gameplay
    1. Randomness: Keep in mind that game-round outcomes are entirely arbitrary, that they cannot be foreseen, and that they are unrelated to either previous or present events.
    2. Return to Player (RTP): The average return on earnings and prizes received during the course of a slot machine game. For example, the average RTP will be 92% if a slot type has an 8% advantage.
    3. Advantage: The architecture of any casino-style game gives the game supplier a tiny advantage.
  2. Common Misconceptions
    1. You can’t anticipate when you’ll win, despite the phrase “I’m due for a win.” All results are arbitrary.
    2. Charms and rituals, while entertaining, have little bearing on your odds of winning. “I always win with my lucky charm and pre-game ritual.” All results are arbitrary.
    3. The longer you play, the less likely you are to win. Time spent playing has no bearing on your odds of winning. Every result is arbitrary.
    4. “These Games Are Rigged” All of the games receive the independent auditors’ seal of approval, guaranteeing a totally open gaming experience.
  3. Tips for Safe Gameplay
    1. When unhappy or emotional, refrain from playing.
    2. Throughout your gaming sessions, frequently take breaks.
    3. Refrain from playing while inebriated.
    4. Never cancel a redemption.
    5. Never forget that playing video games is just for fun; it’s not a way to make money or get away from reality.
    6. Only spend money you can afford when making purchases.
    7. Set a spending limit and adhere to it.
    8. Prior to beginning, set a time restriction.
    9. Instead of attempting to recover your lost funds, consider them a part of the experience.
    10. Before playing, be familiar with how games operate, and keep in mind that outcomes are unpredictable.
    11. Never let your commitment to your studies, family, or job interfere with your gaming.
  4. What is Problem Gameplay
    1. An urge to carry on when one should stop. Some negative effects include
      1. Financial
        1. Unable to pay bills
        2. Borrowing funds to cover living expenses
        3. Eviction or home loss
        4. Forfeiture of the vehicle and valuables
      2. Family
        1. The unhappy environment at home
        2. Missing family gatherings and festivities
        3. Disassociation and disconnection among familial members
      3. Employment
        1. Absent from work
        2. Decrease in competence and production
        3. Employment loss
      4. Health
        1. Anxiety
        2. Depression
        3. Isolation
        4. Causes more tension
  5. Know the Signs
    1. Overspending on purchases
    2. Unable to pay payments because of excessive spending
    3. Staying in to play after work
    4. Frustration on days when you’re not playing
    5. A continual need to step up the difficulty of the game to maintain the same levels of satisfaction and pleasure
    6. Playing helps people unwind and reduce tension
    7. Feigning ignorance regarding the quantity of money or time invested
    8. Avoiding playing in front of important people
    9. Putting one’s interests in family, friends, or other pursuits behind gaming
    10. Stealing, borrowing, lying or engaging in fraud to obtain funds for entertainment
    11. Feelings of depression or even suicidal ideation during playing or after.

Player Protection Policy

  1. Defense Of Vulnerable
    1. Verify that your choice to play on our platform is your own and that you are taking responsibility for it.
    2. We advise against using our platform if:
      1. You are undergoing addiction or dependence treatment or are in recovery;
      2. Alcohol or any other substance has taken effect on you; or
      3. You are now going through a difficult time financially or in your life.
      4. Lacks knowledge of how to play the games
      5. Do you have any mental health issues, cognitive issues, or brain injuries?
  2. Protection of Minors
    1. To reduce and eliminate the risk of underage gaming on our platform, UAE Online Casino has identification verification procedures in place.
  3. We advise you to use one of the following services to limit your friends’ and family members’ access to our platform if you share your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with individuals who are not of legal age to engage in online social gaming:
    1. – filtering software that shields kids from offensive web information.
    2. – filtration program that enables parents to add their own websites to block.
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